yours truly

My name is Pier, and I am a photojournalist. I fell in love with photography without even realizing it. The first sign that something was afoot was during a family holiday to go snorkeling. I was very excited, and my fear of the ocean hadn’t quite kicked in yet. I refused to go snorkeling without an underwater disposable camera. I postponed the excursion another three times because no store seemed to carry them in stock. When I finally found it, my joy could not be contained. I still cherish those photos even though they are of terrible quality because they represent my innate love of photography.

These days I have a much better camera, and I’m better prepared for any opportunity.

I focus on a lot of subjects from a documentary point of view. I love taking photos of controversial and emotional subjects, but I also love the beauty and happiness that is around us.

Contact me through pierelisamoreno[at]